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Brandon Beatty

Brandon Beatty is a Performance Coach and Founder of Keystone Strength & Performance. As a Performance Coach, he specializes in movement, biomechanics, and return to play rehab; strength training and Olympic Weightlifting; and body recomposition. He believes that in order to be successful inside and outside the gym, an individual must deepen their awareness and relationship with themselves (internal) and their environment (external). The training process should empower the client through goal achievement and education.

Combining his coursework from the Postural Restoration Institute with exercise science, neuroscience, cognitive science, physics, and rehabilitation, Brandon applies his unique lens to all performance and rehab sessions. He places an emphasis on controlled movement through precise biomechanics. This precision is necessary to reach heightened levels of performance – in athletic or daily life, overcoming pain issues or reaching new levels of strength and body recomposition.

Clients that work with Brandon are individuals who are looking to remove pain and discomfort permanently, improve their movement quality, and get stronger while improving body composition in this process. Because of these needs and Brandon’s proficiencies, he has worked with individuals at various levels of ability – from moms and dads who want to get out of pain, move better, and get stronger, to Olympic Weightlifters and Crossfit athletes, boxers, endurance athletes … and everyone in between.

Having been a competitive Olympic Weightlifter, Brandon holds a passion for the classic lifts in addition to an obsession with movement science.