AE Fit

About Us

About Us

We get asked often why we started AE Fit.  Well, if you have lived in the area and you like to lift hard you know that most of the gyms around here aren’t for us.  They are gyms technically but they don’t really like the committed or dedicated lifter who trains 5-7 times a week, sometimes twice a day.

– We wanted to be welcome in a place where we pay for services. 

– We didn’t want to be just another number

– We wanted to be part of a place that puts service and support over profits and corporate agenda

– We wanted to have a community.

– We wanted a place to belong and feel welcome.

AE Fit is that place.  You can be you.  We can train hard and drop weights. We can get dirty and enjoy the weight room the way it was intended to be used. 

Here you are welcome.  This is where you belong.    

Don’t forget to thank a hero today!

Lisa and Noah T. Leask are both US Navy Veterans, having met serving in the European Theater, and are proud Americans. They are very grateful for all the blessings afforded being in the USA and all the heroes (police, firefighters, EMS, active or veteran military, and all first responders) that keep them safe.

We believe that being your best everyday, better than yesterday,